How to Mail Registration Fee(s)
How to Mail Registration Fee(s)
Mailing Registration Fee(s)
If you desire to mail your fee(s) for banquet package and tee-shirt please take note of the following good news:

*only Money Order or Cashiers Check accepted
*make payable to: Robin Woods

*mail to address listed below and include your contact information to include your phone number, address, and email.
*also include size of tee-shirt if you are ordering

Mailing Address
Robin Woods

PO Box 1172 
White Plains, MD 20695

*Questions (301) 339-4279 or (301) 705-7056

**You will need to complete a registration form and send along with your Money Order or Cashiers Check. See any regional committee member in your area for registration form or send a message to our email address and a form will be emailed to you.