Back Down Memory Lane
Video Memory Moments

of Family who directly remember 
their time with John (Papa) & Lula (Ma'am)
A new family member will be interviewed 
each month leading up to our 
Prince & Extended Family Gathering
July Spotlight Memory Lane
Otelia (Telia) Prince-Green 
Daughter of Robert & Rose Prince
Granddaughter of John & Lula

Video Invite Prince & Extended Family Gathering
Featuring Mary Ellen Lake (BABY)
Recorded in historic home of John & Lula Prince
Baby is current resident and takes care of this historic home
October 2018 Video Invite 
Check it Out
See you in Atlanta!
**Video clip at end Cousin Lampkin, Cousin Baby and Cousin Robin (fliming) are discussing an antique molasses wheel hooked up to be turned by his horses to make black strap molasses syurp John Prince (Poppa) used in the 1930s, and 1940s  it continues to remain on the historic property owned by he and wife Lula called Prince Town (where many Prince Family Members continue to reside) and our own historic landmark in McCormick SC

January 2019 Invite Video Prince & Extended Family Gathering July 26-28, 2019 ATL